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The price to get to Mexico

For those who are not into RoboCup: it´s world cup time in Mexico! But to participate one has to get there. Our team had to split, due to several reasons. So Marcus and I (Paul) decided to get there together. We wanted to get there cheaply. And the cheapest way to get to Mexico was […]

Praparations for the world cup

So today our last strategy discussion before RoboCup took place. Actually, the team is prepared well 8-)

IranOpen 2012

We arrived on thursday at 6 am in the morning. From the airport a member of the Iran Open picked us up and we got right to the convention hall for the “set up”. But set up wasn’t the thing, we had in mind. After sleeping for a few hours on the carpet and the […]

First game is over

We lost the first game 2-3. It was very close and we did look good. The only bad thing was that we played 80% of the time with only 3 robots and 30% with only two: Battery problems and a broken stick made our game impossible to win. After our 1:0 advantage we could make […]


In a few minutes we will have our first game. We are still waiting for our repaired robot from Aldebaran, so with bad luck, we can play with only 3 Naos :( We play in a group with HTWK Leipzip and DAInamite. The complete schedule for all teams can be found at We will […]

We arrived

This year we arrived as one of the first teams. We seem to be better prepared than the years before :D Without Marcus (who had an injury) and without Heinrich (who is going to Seattle) we are not having really a chance, but anyway, we are here, we are willed to win and we do […]

(Deutsch) Infoabend 26.01 – 17:00

Am Donnerstag den 26.01 um 17:00 findet in unserem Labor (RUD 25, Raum 3.110) ein Infoabend zu unseren Projekten und Aktivitäten rund um den Roboter Nao und den Roboterfußball statt. Dabei zeigen wir unsere Roboter in Aktion, stellen Themen vor an denen wir gerade arbeiten und außerdem erfährst du, wie du bei uns mitmachen kannst. Du kannst dazu einfach ganz unverbindlich […]

The Doors would say it like this…

We won and lost once. Not enough to come forth. The Doors would say: This is the end Beautiful friend This is the end My only friend, the end Of our elaborate plans, the end Of everything that stands, the end No safety or surprise, the end Nothing more to say :(

We are back in the game – for now

We may not be at the level of Iran Open, but, we are on a good way on it. We beat Nubots in the penalty shoot out. So we made it to the next round. Now we are in a group with B-Human, Dutch Nao Team and Pennalizers. It´s going to be hard again… Paul´s […]

One defeat and one draw with the NAOs

After heavy initial problems due to our infrastructure changes, we lost the first game 0-6 and tied the second game 0-0! So wo have to play in the intermediate round against SPQR Chile, Nubots or Edinferno. Let´s hope for the best and work even harder to win this game. At least we did better in […]

Let the games begin!

We are in Istanbul! The hostel is o.k., the weather is great (for computer scientists – that we are – it may not be too important :), we have cought a good spot close to our field and the team is highly motivated . We are in group c where we will play against Austin […]

Istanbul here we come!

The RoboCup world championship in Istanbul will be a great experience! We are all really excited and will do our best to win the games. Since we are changing all our infrastructure, it will be (as every competition) a real hard fight instead of a funny robot soccer entertainment. We will keep you up to […]

RoBOW’11.2 – Info

Begin Friday 20 Mai around 14:00 c.t. End Sunday 22 Mai around 16:00 s.t. … schedule location food Videos from RoBOW’11.2 Teams NaoTH FUmanoids Nao-Team HTWK Nao Devils Bembelbots WF Wolves Talks Saturday: Modeling & Planing Active Local World Modelling (NaoTH) Lokalisierung und kooperatives Tracking von Gegnern und Ball (Devils) konkrete Anwendung von Potentialfeldern (FUManoids) […]

4th place in the simulation!

After reaching the semifinals in the simulation, we were kicked out by the BoldHearts which made the first place. Since there were 24 teams this is the unofficial world championchip, so this is really a good result! Offcourse we are a little bit disappointed – especially Yuan who was coding all the nights and did […]

And the winner is…

…Nao Team Humboldt! …NAO TEAM HUMBOLDT! …NAO TEAM HUMBOLDT! It was again a very close game: we tied 2-2 and had penalty shoot out. The pitty was, that Cerberos had no goalie in the beginning. So after 2-0 we took our time out to allow Cerberos to fix their goalie… …we are so happy but […]

Update FINALS!!!!

As mentioned before we had a real hard discussion on the semifinal game against MRL from Iran. They had concerns about a referee´s decision. They claimed there was a local gamestuck (one robot is doing nothing and blocking the ball so that other robots can´t find the ball). This situation then lead to a goal […]


We made it! All the details later. We can already tell that it was f***ing close!   STOP! The opponent is challenging the result, so they are asking us to repeat the second half. We are really in a conflict. What shall we do?

We are in the semifinals

We made it through the intermediate round and are in the semifinals where we are going to play against the Iranean team MRL! We hope to win and will inform you after the match. Until then there´s still a lot of work to do. As here for the goalie. Programming on the field for the […]

Disappointing draw vs. Cerberus

This morning started with the welcoming. It collided with our first game, so we could not join the whole ceremony, but only the beginning. Afterwards we had only few minutes to prepare the Nao’s for the game. We made it in time and tied 2-2 versus Cerberus. This is disappointing inasmuch as we could have […]

Today is our first game

In the SPL we are in a group with Cerberus (Turkey) and the Dutch Nao Team (Netherlands). This was announced at the Technical Commitee. The procedure is as always: first every team plays against all other teams of its group. There are two groups. The two first places are directly qualified for semifinals. The other […]

Iran here we come

The last days of GermanOpen were very stressfull and so we hoped to get enough sleep before starting in the IranOpen… Well, we arrived at 5 am and it took not less than 4 hours to arrive at the “Hotel”. It is situated within the olympic town of Tehran and it was some kind of […]

There is hope!

In the last days we all were focussed on the standard platform league. We had a lot of things to fix and so the simulation league just went fine without too much incidents. We reached the semifinals so far. So stay tuned!

The difference between pessimists and optimists

We can´t win anymore BUT we still can save our honor and our moral is up again after the short breakdown! Since we get a crate of beer from the others (RoboEireann if we win against the devils) and from the devils if we loose, the party tonight is saved and as we have nothing […]

Disaster versus RoboEireann

After a very promissing game yesterday against B-Human, today everything went wrong: One Nao broke its neck, another one crashes all the time and our motions were not as good as expected. The good news was, that the Nao Devils helped us out with one of their robots, so we could keep playing 4 vs. […]

Good bye good night sleep

Today we have our first game at 11:20am. So we decided to get up at 5am to fix some issues before playing. The problem is, that we decided to do that at 1am! So we slept only a couple of hours, literally. I don´t know what is better: to win and get to the semifinals […]

During the game Nao Team Humboldt vs. B-Human

Here we still had all players in the game. Notice that three of our players were punished because of pushing, so that we had to play the last seconds of the game only with the goalie, which ran away right after kick off right back into his goal :D

B-Human 9 NaoTH 0

If one only takes the final result into account, one might think, we sucked…but we didn´t! We were the first team which did not loose by 10:0 We played for the first time with 4 players (only the second half) and it looked not that bad. But as always there´s so much to do that […]

The moment of truth

So in a few minutes the B-Human team is going to find out what it takes to beat us :D 16:30 is kick-off. Lets hope we survive the first half! All the results can be found at the page.

GermanOpen 2011 in Magdeburg

This year is a jubilee: the 10th birthday of the German Open! However, it is not much to see of it: All the teams are highly focused on work, not on party. After a disappointing 0-0 draw against Kouretes we shot an impressively lucky, long-lasting and well deserved goal against the Bembelbots. After a 1-0 […]

RoBOW’11 Talks

Here is the List of Talks held during the RoBOW’11. The slides will be updated as soon as they arrive :) Calibration-Free Image Processing [PDF, 13.6MB] HTWK Line Projection without Camera Matrix HTWK Dynamic Kick [PDF, 0.8MB] NaoTH Selflocalization FUManoids Potential Fields for positioning and opponents avoidance NaoTH Behavior and Strategies [PDF, 1.9MB] FUManoids ZMP […]

The second day

10:00 am the last RoboCupler arrive Some had noticeable a long night, much has been created, some has been tried. The new day ought begin directly with the games. The host will soon make his first game. Let’s see what the night has brought ;) 11:20 am HTWK – NaoTH HTWK sends their strongest fighter […]

The first day

The start was delayed only slightly. Between 9 and 10 am all team members gathered and the workshop was started. Initial light problems were solved with four extra light sources. A few confusing colors were eliminated and the preparations started. During preparation for the games some recognized faults caused individual delays. Luckily there are test […]

RoBOW’11 – Infos


Workshop in Berlin from 26.02-27.02.1011

The Open RoboCup workshop in Berlin is organized by the teams NaoTH (Berlin), FUmanoids (Berlin) and HTWK (Leipzig). We will collect some interest topics for talks and, of course, we will make games against each other. Each team makes proposals for possible topics. Every team decides afterwards in which topics they are most interested in. […]

NaoTH is qualified for RoboCup 2011 in the SPL!!!

Today we finally got the official decision from the technical committee: Congratulations, your team has been qualified to participate in RoboCup 2011 Standard Platform League. It means, that we are one of the 28 teams worldwide, which are qualified for the competition in Istanbul(!). More precise, it means: bright sun, beautiful sand beaches, Mediterranean sea, […]

SPL Qualification Video 2011

In this video we briefly present the current state of our research on Nao related to RoboCup SPL. In particular we demonstrate omnidirectional walk, dynamic kick motion, player recognition based on SURF, percept correction and self localization.

Friendly match against Fumanoids

We organized a friendly match last Saturday (20.11.2010) against the FUmanoids regarding to the lining up tasks and matches. Furthermore we could test already some recent changes against the vice-world champion of the Humanoid League, found new challenges and are pleased about efficient developments. The next test match takes place in our labor on the […]

Two cups at the AUTCUP 2010

The AutCup2010 in Teheran/Iran ended with a closing event and a price assignment where the Nao Team Humboldt was asked twice on the stage, in order to fetch the first place for the leagues SPL and 3D-Simulation. The presentation of the cup was quite surprisingly for us because finally we played without any competition. We […]

Third day – AutCup2010 – a trial balance

The AutCup2010 at Amirkabir the University OF Technology is on full course. We are already the third day in Iran and in the middle of the competitions – or better: The competition. But unfortunately it turned out that we are the only Nao team in the AutCup2010. Because we survived without mentionable problems the 3D-Simulation […]

Nao Team Humboldt is vice-world champion!!!

On 25 June the world championship of this year in the robot football in Singapore ended. There were many German teams in different categories involved in the final games. In particular the Nao Team Humboldt (NaoTH) of the Humboldt university could reach the final in the 3D Simulation League. Around 11:00 clock local time the […]

Nao Team Humboldt wins Greek robot football championship

The team of Humboldt university in Berlin won the first Greek RoboCup championship on 5 May. In the final they defeated the group of “SPQR” ( University of Rome) after a nerve-racking match with a penalty kick goal with 1:0. Because of technical problems external robots had to be lent shortly before the final game, […]


RoboCup German Open: Lernen auf verschlungenen Pfaden RoboCup German Open: Bilderbuchpässe auf dem Middle-Size-Feld RoboCup German Open: Stuttgart ist draußen RoboCup ist ein Leuchtturmprojekt Der Intelligenzkicker: Künstliche Zweibeiner auf dem Weg zum Fußballweltmeister RoboCup 2010: Höfliche Einkaufshelfer, Absatzkicks und wendige Stürmer

RomeCup 2010 KickOff Goal in the Finals

RomeCup 2010 Final Penalty Goal

Further Nao Performances

Today we presented the fruits of our week’s labour during the half time breaks of both the small and large finals of the Aibo League. People were once again very excited and can hardly wait to see the first Nao football game. Our small robot was already able to wander unaidedly around the soccer pitch, […]

Our first Nao Performance

Through intensive work on the robot we can now improve our robot movements. We hope to possibly achieve the first self-programmed walking by this evening. Between the semi-finals we have already presented some things with the Nao, for example how a robot can recognise and follow the ball, and were able to impress many onlookers. […]

First Nao Demonstration

Today the BreDo-Brothers held the first demonstration of the real Nao. The NaoTeam decided not to participate at this demo in order to review a new development kit which was released on yesterday. From tomorrow we will present the new Nao in the half-time breaks of the Aibo League, as the new standard robot platform. […]

Meeting with Aldebaran

Today we had the opportunity to speak with Bruno, the chief executive of Aldebaran, which was very productive. The French want to think about and implement many of our wishes. According to their own statements they are very thankful for our feedback. In the afternoon there was a further presentation of the Nao held by […]

First tests

The work on our demonstrations has gathered momentum. We can now access pictures from the Nao’s camera, and are working on a tool called the MotionEditor with the help of which it will be possible to produce more complex motions. Tomorrow the chief executive of Aldebaran will pay us a visit, which will give us […]

Arrival in Hannover

Today the NaoTeamHumboldt travelled to Hannover, together with the AiboTeam. In order to stick to a precise timetable we left Adlershof using one of the university minibuses at 10am. We arrived on time in Hannover at 1.30pm and collected the Aibo robots from the main train station, as they had taken part in a demonstration […]