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Two cups at the AUTCUP 2010

Price assignment at AutCup2010 in Iran

Price assignment at AutCup2010 in Iran
From left side: Claas-Norman Ritter, Marcus Scheunemann, Yuan Xu, Alireza Ferdowsizadeh , Heinrich Mellmann, Luisa Jahn. In front: Martin Conrad Schneider

The AutCup2010 in Teheran/Iran ended with a closing event and a price assignment where the Nao Team Humboldt was asked twice on the stage, in order to fetch the first place for the leagues SPL and 3D-Simulation. The presentation of the cup was quite surprisingly for us because finally we played without any competition. We don’t mean the quality of the opponents but the quantity, because locally we were the only team with Naos ;) However, we could convince in the 3D-Simulation League even though there played many well-known opponents from the last world championship. Unfortunately the acting title carrier, against we lost scarcely in the sequel time at the world championship in Singapore, pulled his participates back shortly before the beginning of tournament. Therefore we had to wait for a further test of strength up to the world championship 2011 in Istanbul. As you can see there are still a lot to do for us. After the price assignment and the following ceremonies some of us went directly to Shiraz in order to look at the country and in particular Persepolis. We are going to report what we experienced there in a statement later one. In advance we already would like to say that we encountered an outstanding hospitality on our trip. The results of the 3D-Simulation League you can reread here. We could not reach over a 0:0 Against BoldHearts at first but finally we won in a deciding match with a 1:0.
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