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Praparations for the world cup

So today our last strategy discussion before RoboCup took place. Actually, the team is prepared well 8-)

Welcome to a new team member

Due to the fact that four of our team members participate in Iran Open, there is now some space left in our lab. We decided to introduce another team member to fill the gap ;)

Now equipped with two similar goals!

According to the new rules for RoboCup 2012, we prepared our soccer field in our Lab and construct two similar colored goals. From now on, all teams should recognize the opponent and own goal not just because of some color coded methods, instead, you should use other hints for deciding wether you should shot or […]

The second day

10:00 am the last RoboCupler arrive Some had noticeable a long night, much has been created, some has been tried. The new day ought begin directly with the games. The host will soon make his first game. Let’s see what the night has brought ;) 11:20 am HTWK – NaoTH HTWK sends their strongest fighter […]

The first day

The start was delayed only slightly. Between 9 and 10 am all team members gathered and the workshop was started. Initial light problems were solved with four extra light sources. A few confusing colors were eliminated and the preparations started. During preparation for the games some recognized faults caused individual delays. Luckily there are test […]

Workshop in Berlin from 26.02-27.02.1011

The Open RoboCup workshop in Berlin is organized by the teams NaoTH (Berlin), FUmanoids (Berlin) and HTWK (Leipzig). We will collect some interest topics for talks and, of course, we will make games against each other. Each team makes proposals for possible topics. Every team decides afterwards in which topics they are most interested in. […]

Friendly match against Fumanoids

We organized a friendly match last Saturday (20.11.2010) against the FUmanoids regarding to the lining up tasks and matches. Furthermore we could test already some recent changes against the vice-world champion of the Humanoid League, found new challenges and are pleased about efficient developments. The next test match takes place in our labor on the […]

Testspiel gegen FUmanoids

Mit Blick auf die anstehenden Aufgaben und Wettkämpfe, haben wir am letzten Samstag (20.11.2010) ein Testspiel gegen die FUmanoids veranstaltet. Gegen den Vizeweltmeister der Humanoid League konnten wir einige neuerliche Änderungen testen, neue Herausforderungen finden und uns bereits über funktionierende Entwicklungen freuen. Das nächste Testspiel wird am am 11.12.2010 in unserem Labor (RUD 25, 3.110) […]

Two cups at the AUTCUP 2010

The AutCup2010 in Teheran/Iran ended with a closing event and a price assignment where the Nao Team Humboldt was asked twice on the stage, in order to fetch the first place for the leagues SPL and 3D-Simulation. The presentation of the cup was quite surprisingly for us because finally we played without any competition. We […]

Third day – AutCup2010 – a trial balance

The AutCup2010 at Amirkabir the University OF Technology is on full course. We are already the third day in Iran and in the middle of the competitions – or better: The competition. But unfortunately it turned out that we are the only Nao team in the AutCup2010. Because we survived without mentionable problems the 3D-Simulation […]

Nao Team Humboldt is vice-world champion!!!

On 25 June the world championship of this year in the robot football in Singapore ended. There were many German teams in different categories involved in the final games. In particular the Nao Team Humboldt (NaoTH) of the Humboldt university could reach the final in the 3D Simulation League. Around 11:00 clock local time the […]

Nao Team Humboldt wins Greek robot football championship

The team of Humboldt university in Berlin won the first Greek RoboCup championship on 5 May. In the final they defeated the group of “SPQR” ( University of Rome) after a nerve-racking match with a penalty kick goal with 1:0. Because of technical problems external robots had to be lent shortly before the final game, […]

RomoCup 2010 – Das finale Elfmetertor

RomeCup 2010 Anstoßtor im Finale