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XabslEditor is a graphical editor for the “Extensible Agent Behavior Specification Language” XABSL ( It is implemented in Java and should run on every platform that supports Java (Windows, Linux, Mac, …) DOWNLOAD Java Webstart Demo version (XABSL compiler not included)
Here is the list of the most important functions:
  • running on all platforms (since it is written in Java)
  • its open source (all used components are open source to)
  • syntax highlighting
  • live view of the state graph
  • auto completion:
    • completion of symbols with parameters and enums
    • live documentation (generated from comments)
  • live syntax check (errors are red underlined, without of recompiling of the whole project)
  • tabs
  • jump to definition (a click on an used option opens the file were the option is defined)
  • build in compiler (ruby has not to be necessary installed)
  • search (in files and in the whole project)
  • unlimited undo/redo


  • [PDF] M. Lötzsch, M. Risler, and M. Jüngel, “Xabsl – a pragmatic approach to behavior engineering,” in Proceedings of ieee/rsj international conference of intelligent robots and systems (iros), Beijing, China, 2006, pp. 5124-5129.
    author = {M. Lötzsch and M. Risler and M. Jüngel},
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    year = {2006},
    pages = {5124-5129},
    address = {Beijing, China},
    month = {October 9-15},
    abstract = {This paper introduces the Extensible Agent Behavior Specification Language (XABSL) as a pragmatic tool for engineering the behavior of autonomous agents in complex and dynamic environments. It is based on hierarchies of finite state machines
    (FSM) for action selection and supports the design of longterm and deliberative decision processes as well as of short-term
    and reactive behaviors. A platform-independent execution engine makes the language applicable on any robotic platform and together with a variety of visualization, editing and debugging tools, XABSL is a convenient and powerful system for the development of complex behaviors. The complete source code can be freely downloaded from the XABSL website ( The language has been successfully applied on many robotic platforms, mainly in the domain of RoboCup robot soccer. It gave the GermanTeam the crucial advantage over other teams to become the 2004 and 2005 world champion in the Four-Legged League and helped the team CoPS Stuttgart to become third in the Middle Size League in 2004.},
    timestamp = {2014.01.27},