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The second day

10:00 am the last RoboCupler arrive

Some had noticeable a long night, much has been created, some has been tried. The new day ought begin directly with the games. The host will soon make his first game. Let’s see what the night has brought ;)

11:20 am HTWK – NaoTH

HTWK sends their strongest fighter alone on the pitch, NaoTH appears with one and a half robots. The cameras seem stable. There was a good game play – after a few jackets and balls were removed which caused some confusion for the Naos. HTWK dribbled during the game close to a goal, NaoTH had two great chances too, but blew the first of them after two skillful shots towards the goal. In the second half NaoTH had no chance, Leipzig dribbled to shoot a goal, despite difficulties in the goal recognition. Nevertheless, the two players have put up a good fight, considering the broken hips;) Final score: 2-0

12:10 pm FUmanoids – NaoTH

Without much breather, the “hip-less” went back into the race;) At the very beginning, despite our own kick off, we recieved a goal kick from the distance. After a hard fought game and a minimum additional help ;) our robot shot our first goal of the tournament. The robot just roll the ball below the opponent who threw himself in a rescueing attempt. One of the very very few goals we could achieve against the FUmanoids. Half time 1-1
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