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The first day

The start was delayed only slightly. Between 9 and 10 am all team members gathered and the workshop was started. Initial light problems were solved with four extra light sources. A few confusing colors were eliminated and the preparations started. During preparation for the games some recognized faults caused individual delays. Luckily there are test matches to detect and correct these errors ;) Since this changed our schedule, we present here the actual process with some descriptions.

1 pm FUmanoids – HTWK Leipzig

In the first game of the day the FUmanoids met the HTWK Naos. The Naos started powerful by scoring the first goal. But then the FUmanoids put HWTK over a barrel in the first half, by scoring three times and had a comfortable lead. The second half seemed as if it would just go on like this, but after a major opportunity and a shot against the post, the FUmanoids ceased and HTWK managed to dribble themselves to a tie. 3-3 was the final score. A successful kick off.

4 pm lectures and discussions

After a lunch break the first lectures were held. We will present the slides here later.

8:37 pm Last talks were held

The talks are finished and we start with our dinner.
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