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IranOpen 2012

We arrived on thursday at 6 am in the morning. From the airport a member of the Iran Open picked us up and we got right to the convention hall for the “set up”. But set up wasn’t the thing, we had in mind. After sleeping for a few hours on the carpet and the desk, we just managed to write the tasks we had to do later. Just Paul and Micha did some work on the behavior in the night hours. The second day was more productive but less easy going, because the problems increased exponentially: No nao had a stable walk and when they fell down, half of the robots couldn’t manage to stand up. After we figured out that one Nao had a broken food sensor and 2 couldn’t connect with the Soccer Server, we gave up and got to the hotel. On the second day we recognized, that another Nao had also a broken foot sensor, so we had to turn off the stabilizator module. At the end of the day all of them could connect to the Soccer Server, walk forward, more or less with difficulties and stand up. But we weren’t the only team with problems with the walk and broken robot parts. We won the first match versus the Greek guy 1:0. The second match versus the Dutch team was a drawn without goals. The exhibition is a really big one, with big public interest and participation. So we get surrounded every time by a crowd of visitors asking questions and are interviewed by the press frequently. Today we lost a match against one of the Iran teams 1:0. And more bad news: one of the robot cricked of his head, he doesn’t boot and can’t turn his head left :(. Versus the Chinese Team we play a drawn, but the chinese played with only one player which couldn’t see nor walk, we had frequently no Players on the field because of the problems.   TLTD: Broken robots, Nao vs. Greek: 1:0, vs. Dutch: 0:0, vs. Iran1: 0:1, vs. China: 0:0. No working walk! Motivation down :(
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