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Arrival in Hannover

Today the NaoTeamHumboldt travelled to Hannover, together with the AiboTeam. In order to stick to a precise timetable we left Adlershof using one of the university minibuses at 10am. We arrived on time in Hannover at 1.30pm and collected the Aibo robots from the main train station, as they had taken part in a demonstration the previous evening in Frankfurt. After this we checked in at a secluded Hotel in Lehrte as most of the rooms in Hannover were already booked due to the exhibition. After helping to sort out a case of theft the NaoTeam arrived at the exhibition centre at 5pm and immediately began with preparations. Given that there will be no competitions in the Nao League, the main focus of the team’s work is to prepare for a presentation. Sadly our Nao robot damaged its left shoulder joint on Friday, meaning that its ability to move was somewhat impeded. But such problems are to be expected with a very new model of robot. In any case we are looking forward to what the next few days will bring.
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