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Iran here we come

The last days of GermanOpen were very stressfull and so we hoped to get enough sleep before starting in the IranOpen… Well, we arrived at 5 am and it took not less than 4 hours to arrive at the “Hotel”. It is situated within the olympic town of Tehran and it was some kind of shocking to us: The olympic village has a nice vintage look and so does the “Hotel”, until we saw the rooms. Broken toilets, not enough beds, plugs hanging loosely off the wall, lamps without plug, bad breakfast and so on. The good news right behind: we change the accomodation tonight. Thanks to the organizers who reacted immediately after they got informed. Everybody is kind, the weather is fine, we are motivated, so nothing can stop us now :D The other good thing is, that there are two days for setup, so we hopefully can go to bed early…
RoboCup SPL Field with our base on the left

RoboCup SPL Field with our base on the left

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