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Update FINALS!!!!

As mentioned before we had a real hard discussion on the semifinal game against MRL from Iran. They had concerns about a referee´s decision. They claimed there was a local gamestuck (one robot is doing nothing and blocking the ball so that other robots can´t find the ball). This situation then lead to a goal for us. So after the game a real intense discussion about the referee´s decision came up. As result of the discussion we had to decide if and how we would repeat (parts of) the game. In the end we decided to not repeat the game or a half, because we found, that it was important to follow the rules, which say that the rule “local game stuck” is to keep the game fluent and so had not necessarily to be applied in our situation, because – as seen – lead to a goal. Another thing is that we all agreed to play with Singapore 2010 rules, which claim that the referee is always right. So we came to the conclusion that we would not agree to repeat the game. This said, we are definitely in the finals and are really relieved that the MRL team accepted our decision without hard feelings about it. The other finalist is Cerberus, so we hope that we can outplay the tie of the opening game :) It all depends on how good our code is working and not on how fancy our ideas are. So we will test the next hours as much as we can!
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