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Supervisors: Prof. Dr. sc. nat. Verena V. Hafner, Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Burkhard Aktive Assoziierte Outstanding former members Our team has a long standing history in RoboCup and so is the legacy of it’s members. Here are a few outstanding members. Former Kirill Yasinovskiy, Oliver Welter (2008 – 2009), Tobias Herrmann, Jan Hieronymus, Alexander Borisov, Martin […]

SPL Qualifikation Video 2014

(English) Besides our current work on dynamic bipedal motions (walking, dribbling) and new approaches to situation modeling this video features some interesting game scenes from the RoboCup 2013 demonstrating the soccer performance of our robots.

RoboCup 2013 Links und Livestream

here ist der live stream RoboCup Webseite Zeitplan Ergebnisse

SPL Qualifikation Video 2013

(English) In this video we briefly present the current state of our research on Nao related to RoboCup SPL. The main innovations for this year are our new, faster walk with dribbling capabilities; the new SimSpark simulator adapted for SPL, which is mainly used to develop and debug team behavior; and a much cleaner and stable code base (which is difficult to present in such a short video ;)

(English) The price to get to Mexico


(English) Praparations for the world cup

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch verfügbar.

(English) At the clinic

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch verfügbar.

Willkommen unserem neusten Teammitglied

Da vier unserer Teammitglieder noch im Iran verweilen, auch irgendwie wenig bis gar nichts von sich hören lassen (können), haben wir uns entschlossen für Abhilfe zu sorgen und ein neues Teammitglied aufzunehmen :)

Infoabend 26.01 – 17:00

Am Donnerstag den 26.01 um 17:00 findet in unserem Labor (RUD 25, Raum 3.110) ein Infoabend zu unseren Projekten und Aktivitäten rund um den Roboter Nao und den Roboterfußball statt. Dabei zeigen wir unsere Roboter in Aktion, stellen Themen vor an denen wir gerade arbeiten und außerdem erfährst du, wie du bei uns mitmachen kannst. Du kannst dazu einfach ganz unverbindlich […]

SPL Qualifikations Video 2012

(English) In this video we briefly present the current state of our research on Nao related to RoboCup SPL. In particular we demonstrate omnidirectional walk, dynamic changing of the feet relation and step trajectory during the walk, player tracking, adaptive color detection, using of visual features for detection of the field side and self localization with same-colored goals.

Zwei gleichfarbige Tore

Aufgrund einer Regeländerung für den RoboCup 2012 haben wir unser Feld im Labor in soweit angepasst, dass wir nun zwei gleichfarbige Tore haben. Der Roboter kann nun also nicht mehr durch simple Farberkennung entscheiden, ob er gerade im Begriff ist, auf das eigene Tor zu schießen ;)

We are back in the game – for now

We may not be at the level of Iran Open, but, we are on a good way on it. We beat Nubots in the penalty shoot out. So we made it to the next round. Now we are in a group with B-Human, Dutch Nao Team and Pennalizers. It´s going to be hard again… Paul´s […]

One defeat and one draw with the NAOs

After heavy initial problems due to our infrastructure changes, we lost the first game 0-6 and tied the second game 0-0! So wo have to play in the intermediate round against SPQR Chile, Nubots or Edinferno. Let´s hope for the best and work even harder to win this game. At least we did better in […]

4th place in the simulation!

After reaching the semifinals in the simulation, we were kicked out by the BoldHearts which made the first place. Since there were 24 teams this is the unofficial world championchip, so this is really a good result! Offcourse we are a little bit disappointed – especially Yuan who was coding all the nights and did […]

And the winner is…

…Nao Team Humboldt! …NAO TEAM HUMBOLDT! …NAO TEAM HUMBOLDT! It was again a very close game: we tied 2-2 and had penalty shoot out. The pitty was, that Cerberos had no goalie in the beginning. So after 2-0 we took our time out to allow Cerberos to fix their goalie… …we are so happy but […]

Update FINALS!!!!

As mentioned before we had a real hard discussion on the semifinal game against MRL from Iran. They had concerns about a referee´s decision. They claimed there was a local gamestuck (one robot is doing nothing and blocking the ball so that other robots can´t find the ball). This situation then lead to a goal […]


We made it! All the details later. We can already tell that it was f***ing close!   STOP! The opponent is challenging the result, so they are asking us to repeat the second half. We are really in a conflict. What shall we do?

We are in the semifinals

We made it through the intermediate round and are in the semifinals where we are going to play against the Iranean team MRL! We hope to win and will inform you after the match. Until then there´s still a lot of work to do. As here for the goalie. Programming on the field for the […]

Iran here we come

The last days of GermanOpen were very stressfull and so we hoped to get enough sleep before starting in the IranOpen… Well, we arrived at 5 am and it took not less than 4 hours to arrive at the “Hotel”. It is situated within the olympic town of Tehran and it was some kind of […]

There is hope!

In the last days we all were focussed on the standard platform league. We had a lot of things to fix and so the simulation league just went fine without too much incidents. We reached the semifinals so far. So stay tuned!

The difference between pessimists and optimists

We can´t win anymore BUT we still can save our honor and our moral is up again after the short breakdown! Since we get a crate of beer from the others (RoboEireann if we win against the devils) and from the devils if we loose, the party tonight is saved and as we have nothing […]

Disaster versus RoboEireann

After a very promissing game yesterday against B-Human, today everything went wrong: One Nao broke its neck, another one crashes all the time and our motions were not as good as expected. The good news was, that the Nao Devils helped us out with one of their robots, so we could keep playing 4 vs. […]

Good bye good night sleep

Today we have our first game at 11:20am. So we decided to get up at 5am to fix some issues before playing. The problem is, that we decided to do that at 1am! So we slept only a couple of hours, literally. I don´t know what is better: to win and get to the semifinals […]

During the game Nao Team Humboldt vs. B-Human

Here we still had all players in the game. Notice that three of our players were punished because of pushing, so that we had to play the last seconds of the game only with the goalie, which ran away right after kick off right back into his goal :D

B-Human 9 NaoTH 0

If one only takes the final result into account, one might think, we sucked…but we didn´t! We were the first team which did not loose by 10:0 We played for the first time with 4 players (only the second half) and it looked not that bad. But as always there´s so much to do that […]

The moment of truth

So in a few minutes the B-Human team is going to find out what it takes to beat us :D 16:30 is kick-off. Lets hope we survive the first half! All the results can be found at the page.

GermanOpen 2011 in Magdeburg

Dieses Jahr steht ein Jubiläum an: 10. Geburtstag der German Open! Davon ist allerdings nicht viel zu sehen: Alle Teams sind hochkonzentriert am Arbeiten und nicht am Feiern. Nach einem enttäuschenden 0:0 gegen Kouretes haben wir gegen die Bembelbots ein beeindruckend glückliches, lang erkämpftes und hochverdientes Tor geschossen. Nach dem 1:0 Sieg müssen wir aber […]

RoBOW’11 Vorträge

Here is the List of Talks held during the RoBOW’11. The slides will be updated as soon as they arrive :) Calibration-Free Image Processing [PDF, 13.6MB] HTWK Line Projection without Camera Matrix HTWK Dynamic Kick [PDF, 0.8MB] NaoTH Selflocalization FUManoids Potential Fields for positioning and opponents avoidance NaoTH Behavior and Strategies [PDF, 1.9MB] FUManoids ZMP […]

Der erste Tag

Der Beginn verschob sich nur minimal. Zwischen 9 und 10 Uhr haben sich alle Teammitglieder versammelt und der Workshop wurde eröffnet. Anfängliche Probleme mit dem Licht wurden mit vier zusätlichen Lichtquellen geregelt. Ein paar verwirrende Farben wurden eleminiert und die Vorbereitungen konnten beginnen. In der Vorbereitung der Spiele kam es zu einzelnen individuellen Verzögerungen durch […]

RoBOW’11 – Infos


Workshop in Berlin vom 26.02.-27.02.2011

Der RoboCup workshop in Berlin wird von den Teams NaoTH (Berlin), FUmanoids (Berlin) and HTWK (Leipzig) organisiert. Jedes Team sammelt mögliche Themen für Vorträge, von denen die Mannschaften sich dann einzelne Themen herauspicken, welche dann vorgetragen werden. Diskussionen stehen dabei im Vordergrund. Des Weiteren wird es natürlich zahlreiche Spiele geben. Ein genauerer Zeitplan wird hier […]

NaoTH is qualified for RoboCup 2011 in the SPL!!!

Today we finally got the official decision from the technical committee: Congratulations, your team has been qualified to participate in RoboCup 2011 Standard Platform League. It means, that we are one of the 28 teams worldwide, which are qualified for the competition in Istanbul(!). More precise, it means: bright sun, beautiful sand beaches, Mediterranean sea, […]

SPL Qualification Video 2011

In this video we briefly present the current state of our research on Nao related to RoboCup SPL. In particular we demonstrate omnidirectional walk, dynamic kick motion, player recognition based on SURF, percept correction and self localization.

Friendly match against Fumanoids

We organized a friendly match last Saturday (20.11.2010) against the FUmanoids regarding to the lining up tasks and matches. Furthermore we could test already some recent changes against the vice-world champion of the Humanoid League, found new challenges and are pleased about efficient developments. The next test match takes place in our labor on the […]

Zwei Pokale beim AutCup2010

Nachdem gestern Abend der AutCup2010 mit einer Abschlussveranstaltung und Preisvergabe zu Ende ging. Wurde das Nao Team Humboldt zweimal auf die Bühne gebeten, um sich jeweils den ersten Platz für die Ligen SPL und 3D-Simulation abzuholen. Die Überreichung des Pokals für die SPL kam auch für uns überraschend, schließlich spielten wir außerhalb ohne jede Konkurrenz, […]

3. Tag – AutCup2010 – Eine Zwischenbilanz

Der AutCup2010 an der Amirkabir University of Technology ist im vollen Gange. Wir sind nun schon den dritten Tag im Iran und stecken mitten in den Wettkämpfen – oder besser: Dem Wettkampf. Denn leider hat sich herausgestellt, dass wir das einzige Nao-Team beim AutCup2010 sind. Dadurch, dass wir in der 3D-Simulation ohne große Probleme die […]

Nao Team Humboldt is vice-world champion!!!

On 25 June the world championship of this year in the robot football in Singapore ended. There were many German teams in different categories involved in the final games. In particular the Nao Team Humboldt (NaoTH) of the Humboldt university could reach the final in the 3D Simulation League. Around 11:00 clock local time the […]

Nao Team Humboldt wins Greek robot football championship

The team of Humboldt university in Berlin won the first Greek RoboCup championship on 5 May. In the final they defeated the group of “SPQR” ( University of Rome) after a nerve-racking match with a penalty kick goal with 1:0. Because of technical problems external robots had to be lent shortly before the final game, […]

RomeCup 2010 KickOff Goal in the Finals

RomeCup 2010 Final Penalty Goal