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Multi-Platform Robot Controller

This page is under construction! Currently we are working hard on a release of our Architecture. The release date is scheduled to the end of October. As soon as we have any news about the progress we will put it here.

The NaoTeam Humboldt is the only team that is participating in both the RoboCup Standard Platform (with real robots) and the RoboCup 3D Simulation league with the same code-base. We achieve that with a flexible platform and module system. The current supported platforms are
  • Aldebaran Nao robot hardware v3+
  • SimSpark simulator
  • Webots simulator
  • Log-file based simulator
  • Webcam

RoboCup Project

The recent development of our Architecture was supported by the RoboCup federation. Here are some documents concerning this matter:
  • Project Description [PDF]
  • Poster presented at the RoboCup 2011 Symposium [PDF]