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Further Nao Performances

Today we presented the fruits of our week’s labour during the half time breaks of both the small and large finals of the Aibo League. People were once again very excited and can hardly wait to see the first Nao football game. Our small robot was already able to wander unaidedly around the soccer pitch, […]

Vorstellung des Naos

Heute präsentierten wir die Früchte unserer Arbeit der letzten Wochen während der Halbzeitunterbrechung sowohl des kleinen und großen Finals der Aibo League. Die Leute waren wieder einmal sehr aufgeregt und können es kaum erwarten, den ersten Nao Fußballspiel zu sehen. Unser kleiner Roboter konnte bereits rund um den Fußballplatz wandern und Objekten, wie zum Beispiel […]

First Nao Demonstration

Today the BreDo-Brothers held the first demonstration of the real Nao. The NaoTeam decided not to participate at this demo in order to review a new development kit which was released on yesterday. From tomorrow we will present the new Nao in the half-time breaks of the Aibo League, as the new standard robot platform. […]

Meeting with Aldebaran

Today we had the opportunity to speak with Bruno, the chief executive of Aldebaran, which was very productive. The French want to think about and implement many of our wishes. According to their own statements they are very thankful for our feedback. In the afternoon there was a further presentation of the Nao held by […]

First tests

The work on our demonstrations has gathered momentum. We can now access pictures from the Nao’s camera, and are working on a tool called the MotionEditor with the help of which it will be possible to produce more complex motions. Tomorrow the chief executive of Aldebaran will pay us a visit, which will give us […]

Arrival in Hannover

Today the NaoTeamHumboldt travelled to Hannover, together with the AiboTeam. In order to stick to a precise timetable we left Adlershof using one of the university minibuses at 10am. We arrived on time in Hannover at 1.30pm and collected the Aibo robots from the main train station, as they had taken part in a demonstration […]