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RoboCup 2019, Sydney/Australia. From left to right: Benjamin Schlotter, Serra Sinem Karadeniz, Etienne Couque-Castelnovo, Heinrich Mellmann, Robert Martin, Philipp Strobel, Claas-Norman Ritter, Thomas Krause.
RoboCup 2019, Sydney/Australia. Mixed Team B&B after winning the Competition.
Teamfoto RoboCup 2018 RoboCup 2018, Montreal/Kanada. From left to right: Yigit Can Akcay, Markus Daniel Mayer, Heinrich Mellmann (bottom), Robert Martin, Benjamin Schlotter, Claas-Norman Ritter, Etienne Couque-Castelnovo, Philipp Strobel (bottom), Thomas Krause, Sebastian Allmeier, Steffen Kaden.
Teamfoto RoboCup 2017 RoboCup 2017, Nagoya/Japan. From left to right: Philipp Strobel, Heinrich Mellmann, Steffen Kaden, Robert Martin, Thomas Krause, Claas-Norman Ritter, Yigit Can Akcay.
Teamfoto RoboCup 2016 RoboCup 2016, Leipzig/Germany. From left to right: Steffen Kaden, Benjamin Schlotter, Thomas Krause, Peter Woltersdorf, Heinrich Mellmann, Robert Martin, Philipp Strobel. (Claas is not in the image, because he was already on his way to Cancun to a Conference when the picture was taken :)
Teamfoto RoboCup 2015 Our Team at the RoboCup 2015, Hefei/China. From left to right: Christian Blum, Steffen Kaden, Heinrich Mellmann, Thomas Krause, Claas-Norman Ritter.
Teamfoto RoboCup 2014 RoboCup 2014, João Pessoa, Brazil. From left to right: Tobias Hübner, Benjamin Schlotter, Peter Woltersdorf, Marcus Scheunemann, Claas-Norman Ritter, Heinrich Mellmann.
Teamfoto RoboCup 2013 RoboCup 2013, Eindhoven/Netherlands. From left to right: Prof. Dr. Verena Hafner, Thomas Krause, Marcus Scheunemann, Steffen Kaden, Denis Erfurt, Peter Woltersdorf, Heinrich Mellmann, Tobias Hübner, Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Burkhard.
Teamfoto RoboCup 2012 RoboCup 2012, Mexico City/Mexico. From left to right: Thomas Krause, Heinrich Mellmann, Claas-Norman Ritter, Marcus Scheunemann, Paul Schütte.
Teamfoto RoboCup 2011 RoboCup 2011, Istanbul/Turkey. Top row from left to right: Florian Holzhauer, Yuan Xu, Paul Schütte, Marcus Scheunemann, Dominik Krienelke, Christian Rekittke, Kirill Yasinovskiy, Claas-Norman Ritter. Bottom row from left to right: Luisa Jahn, Martin Schneider, Heinrich Mellmann, Thomas Krause.

Why Robot-Soccer?

Robot-Soccer is a big challenge for both, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. It provides a test area for the state of the art in technology and science. Success in this area may yield solutions to problems in a variety of fields. The idea of Robot-Soccer also provides good starting points for education and practical training of students at the university. More about robot soccer (in German)

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Who we are

The NaoTeam Humboldt participates at the international competitions of RoboCup which encourage the comparison and exchange of creative ideas. They are organized by the RoboCup Federation and are supported by the national committees. We are a project of the Artifical Intelligence Group at the Humboldt University Berlin.