Multi-platform robot controller

The NaoTeam Humboldt is the only team that is participating in both the RoboCup Standard Platform (with real robots) and the RoboCup 3D Simulation league with the same code-base. We achieve that with a flexible platform and module system. more…


RobotControl is a Java application that allows us to debug and control the Nao robot remotely.


XabslEditor is a public available graphical editor for the “Extensible Agent Behavior Specification Language” XABSL ( It is implemented in Java and should run on every platform that supports Java (Windows, Linux, Mac, …) more…


RoboNewbie is a basic framework for experiments with simulated humanoid robots Nao. It runs on the official RoboCup 3D simulator. It is implemented in JAVA with detailed documentations and explanations. That makes it useful even for beginners. more…

Simple Soccer Agent

The Simple Soccer Agent is an example application of our platform architecture, it runs on the official RoboCup 3D simulator. The program is implemented as minimalistic as possible, it can serve as an inspiration for beginners and provide room for own experiments. more…

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