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This page will contain all important Information regarding the RoBOW’12.3. Here is some background information on RoBOWs philosophy and its history RoBOW – BackGround :) Date: 30.11-02.12.12
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Three of the participating teams are living in Berlin, so there is a limited amount of spots for a homestay. Ask the RoBOW list! In the past we made good experience with the 2AHostel. The hostel is located in a very good location to be fast at the venue (about 20 min) and to explore the city (about 20 min to the Alexanderplatz).


RoBOW’12.3 – Schedule

  Fr. 30.11 Sa. 01.12 So. 02.12
09:00   Setup (Coffee etc.) Setup (Coffee etc.)
10:00 Talks Talks
12:00 Setup
13:00 Lunch Lunch
14:00 Games/Tests Games/Tests
17:00 Discussion/Short talks Wrap-Up
18:00 Get together and team presentations
19:00 Dinner (Barbecue? -> too cold, alternatives?)
20:00 Dinner, Beer, coding etc.  
Open end Beer, coding etc.


Konferenzraum 0’119 Rudower Chaussee 26 (“RUD 26″) Erwin Schrödinger-Zentrum 12489, Berlin Adlershof
Größere Kartenansicht

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