Robotics Course Tirana 2016

The RoboNewbie Framework is available on the RoboNewbie Page . You are recommended to read the linked documents, especially the QuickstartTutorial.

The Tirana RoboNewbie Competition will start on Thursday, Nov. 3rd, 9:15 p.m. . Take care on perfect preparation to save time at the competition:
  1. Each team needs 2 projects for playing as offenders resp. as defenders. In both projects, two players can be on the field. Take care about the different restrictions for the initial positions. *)
  2. Give your teams different names, e.g. <name>_Offenders resp. <name>_Defenders. *)
  3. Give your projects the related names. *)
  4. Zip the projects and send it to me by email to Latest time: Wednesday, Nov.2nd, 24:00. *)
*) Violations can raise penalties for your grades.

IMPORTANT: You will get your grades by your efforts for the competition (individual written reports due until Nov. 14th.), and by a written examination on Dec.9th, as described here: How you will get your grades.

Slides of the course
Slides of the course: Introduction
Slides of the course: Sensors
Slides of the course: Motion Part 1
Slides of the course: Motion Part 2

Course Competition
Competition Rules

Further materials
Working with Keyframes
Playing Soccer with RoboNewbie

The improved version of RoboNewbie (of Oct. 27) can be down loaded from the web site or directly from here .

If you like to try: A new package trainer implements classes that can help for testing. It consists of three classes: Class TainerCommandExecutor provides methods to move the ball, to move players, to change game states. Classes Agent_Trainer and TrainerThinking give an example how tests can be performed. A zipped version can be downloaded from here . It replaces the old version of package trainer in RoboNewbie. Try it out: First start a goalkeeper (e.g. player 1 in Agent_SoccerTeam), then start Agent_Trainer. Read the instructions and explanations given in the programs. You can also read this Overview for the Trainer package.