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Supervisors: Prof. Dr. sc. nat. Verena V. Hafner, Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Burkhard Aktive Assoziierte Outstanding former members Our team has a long standing history in RoboCup and so is the legacy of it’s members. Here are a few outstanding members. Former Kirill Yasinovskiy, Oliver Welter (2008 – 2009), Tobias Herrmann, Jan Hieronymus, Alexander Borisov, Martin […]

SPL Qualifikation Video 2014

Besides our current work on dynamic bipedal motions (walking, dribbling) and new approaches to situation modeling this video features some interesting game scenes from the RoboCup 2013 demonstrating the soccer performance of our robots.

RoboCup 2013 Links and Livestream

here is the live stream RoboCup webpage timetable results

SPL Qualifikation Video 2013

In this video we briefly present the current state of our research on Nao related to RoboCup SPL. The main innovations for this year are our new, faster walk with dribbling capabilities; the new SimSpark simulator adapted for SPL, which is mainly used to develop and debug team behavior; and a much cleaner and stable code base (which is difficult to present in such a short video ;)

The price to get to Mexico

For those who are not into RoboCup: it´s world cup time in Mexico! But to participate one has to get there. Our team had to split, due to several reasons. So Marcus and I (Paul) decided to get there together. We wanted to get there cheaply. And the cheapest way to get to Mexico was […]

Praparations for the world cup

So today our last strategy discussion before RoboCup took place. Actually, the team is prepared well 8-)

At the clinic

Our robots´s are in Paris at the Nao clinic. For the first time in our team´s history we have sent them to Aldebaran so early. We hope that they will be ready for the RoboW. The good thing is that our simulator is almost ready, so we can keep working! Moreover the Naos are not […]

Welcome to a new team member

Due to the fact that four of our team members participate in Iran Open, there is now some space left in our lab. We decided to introduce another team member to fill the gap ;)

(Deutsch) Infoabend 26.01 – 17:00

Am Donnerstag den 26.01 um 17:00 findet in unserem Labor (RUD 25, Raum 3.110) ein Infoabend zu unseren Projekten und Aktivitäten rund um den Roboter Nao und den Roboterfußball statt. Dabei zeigen wir unsere Roboter in Aktion, stellen Themen vor an denen wir gerade arbeiten und außerdem erfährst du, wie du bei uns mitmachen kannst. Du kannst dazu einfach ganz unverbindlich […]

SPL Qualification Video 2012

In this video we briefly present the current state of our research on Nao related to RoboCup SPL. In particular we demonstrate omnidirectional walk, dynamic changing of the feet relation and step trajectory during the walk, player tracking, adaptive color detection, using of visual features for detection of the field side and self localization with same-colored goals.